Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Week: Bullets for Bangers!

Nothing like a good old gang-related murder in Santa Ana to set off all the Register readers who would like nothing more than to see the city cordoned off by immigration cops and the entire non-English speaking population rolled into Tijuana-bound paddy wagons. The latest example? This story from Wednesday about an 18-year-old Latino gangbanger who shot another man during an armed robbery. "Eduardo Valencia, 18, is expected to appear in court today to face charges that he killed Jaime Anica Olvera, 27, of Santa Ana, during an attempted robbery last month, authorities said. He is also facing a felony street terrorism charge and a sentencing enhancement alleging that he carried out the murder for the purpose of his criminal street gang, according to the complaint."

Those two sentences are all you need to play everyone's favorite douchebag with a keyboard game...

Here goes.

*"I remember back in 70s and early 80s, Santa Ana was a fun city. Now, it is
a complete garbage pell. I passed by Valley High School the other day and
saw about ten kids practicing varsity football! The same Valley HS that was
a calif. powerhouse back in the days. Why, the hispanic kids don't like
football, they rather play soccer. Talk about culture change."

*"i totally agree with you--my point is, the fact that it is Santa Ana, a
sanctuary city and hotbed of illegal aliens, is, I believe relevant to the
gang problem here--of course all gang members, by definition, are scum. But
in Santa Ana, their existence is propped up by a city council/state-local
local government that actually caters to them. so in Santa Ana, the race
does sort of matter-because that race of gang member, almost exclusively, is
wreaking the havoc--and the Mayor, Miguel Pulido--and city council members:
Michele Martinez, Claudia Alvarez, Carlos Bustamante, David Benavides, Sal
Tinajero, Vincent Sarmiento--uhm, see anything weird here? You think these
are going to risk their careers talking about this?"

*"Does anyone know if CA is planning on building more Prisons? The way these
people are reproducing, and daily, I don't think we will have any room for
them by 2012."

*If this criminal was hiding in a relatives garage, is the relative going to
be arrested too? It should be!"

*"who would have ever thought that Santa Ana would become such a third-world,
gang infested slum? It is one of the saddest chapters in CA history, made
worse by the fact that the invasion by illegals is so tolerated by those in

*"I think we need to pitch in for a lot more bullets. Speeds up the judicial

Which comment is the most racist? You decide.

Also, a special shout-out to all the racists that have been migrating from the Register over to this blog. You're helping me with research for this column. And I thank you.


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