Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

: Residents Leave California--And Their Cars

Comment by johnnydilznik: Don't worry there will stil be plenty of "undocumented Californians" to take the place of tax paying, money making, law abiding folkds fleeing the state. Si se puede. Maybe after CA is destroyed and the parasite moves on to a new host (Oregon/Washington) real people can come back.

Comment by Hose A: They're everywhere. Just like flipping a light on in a cockroach-infested room, they've already scattered. And now that our marxist/organizer-in-chief is giving them free medical and soon legal residency, they'll be coming like lemmings over a cliff.

Comment by never ending fight for freedom: Only one way to reduce crime & prison population, close the border & deport the illegals. IT AINT gonna happen. So move now or live out the rest of your life with a bunch of miserable liberals & lazy illegal mexicans.

Comment by Jorge: Too many stupid white people here are afraid of the scary "illegals" that have been making their lives hell. Good riddance to those stuck up folks. I prefer to hear Spanish spoken around me anyway. And if Cali's too expensive, I'll just point out that there's good cheap land in the rest of the US. Ain't no place to hide, and white is going to the minority soon enough. And then, payback time.

Comment by Dudeman: Kiss my white American A$$ Jorge, go back south to your toilet of a country and quit trashing ours!

Comment by SC2: and you wonder why your kind is stuck begging for jobs at Home Depot.


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