fletch3 wrote: surprise everyone,it was a MEXICANT who tried to steal her car after the one he stole in L.A. broke down.Yeah, we want more MEXICANTS here.

Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

beeaachs wrote:

Quick give this guy a scholarship.

cybersifu wrote: Minority reporters when reporting on minorities always tend to make them the "victims" or "oppressed" or simply will not report things like ethnicity, color, race, are they legal or illegal...The American people will never get the truth one reason newspapers are going out of business by the droves.

deedee1976 wrote: fletch3, hahahah!! could you sound any less dumb?? not everyone that has a spanish last name is Mexican. Latin America is huge! why dont you pick a book and learn something.

Editor's note: The carjacker's ethnicity wasn't mentioned. His last name is Bonilla. The reporter is Salvador Hernandez. The woman's last name is Ruiz, but she looks pretty white in the photo, so, you know...


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