Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by PGIRARD: SO your saying she did not know her husband was illegal! Yeah and our president is Black!

Comment by AUNTIEILLEGAL: Get the F out


: Get a clue, Americans of every race are sick of it! We never signed up for the adopt a Mexican program. 

Comment by WRITERWANNAB: Wake up, people!! Your ignorance is blinding! It shocks me that you treat your animals like people; and treat people who don't look like you like animals! Shame on you! This is a family, living their version of the American dream. Yes, the husband is here without legal documents. But he is a decent, hard-working husband and father. I can't say that about a lot of non-Latino I know, who are absentee or deadbeat parents...why aren't you chasing out all of the undocumented Canadians who live in the U.S.? Is it because their skin color is white? Before you go thinking that white is supreme and brown skin is inferior, remember the Nazis! God is watching you, and HE is not proud of your bullying and bad behavior. Lastly, get an education! Your writing, spelling, and grammar are atrocious!

Comment by TWHITTLINGER: When you don't have a valid argument--PULL THE RACE CARD! Earlier this writer WRITERWANNAB used the argument that a lot of the southwest really belongs to the Mexicans!... it is was [sic] still theirs it would be in crap city like the rest of mexico; secondly, mexico would then belong to the INDIANS not the spanish types!


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