Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by Warren: What about the jobs all the anchor babies take from real citizens?

Comment by Maria: How ingnorant can some people be...If illegal had not come here you would not have the roof over your head not even a desent plate on the table...Please is it not REAL US Citizenes on the freeway exits asking for money from the ILLEGALS? @least illigals have the guts to take up any challange as for REAL US Citizens are even afread to do thier own laundry...

Comment by Nathan: no you could not be more wrong Maria. Oh and how many of your family are illegal.

Comment by youcanhandlethetruth: Maria, You might as well be arguing for racial equality with the KKK. These folks, while perhaps not racist per se, have closed their minds to aything that doesn't fit their tidy little preconceptions or the rhetoric of Glenn Bleck and Rush Limberger.

Comment by Cal car guy: Maria, you need to pack up and hit the road back to mexico now!

Comment by Long Duck Dong: Maria-Please leave you are NOT wanted here.

Comment by kingkong5: Maria, your spelling is horrible. How do you mispell the same word different ways in one post? But enough about trying to turn you into a "desent" speller...What will life like without illegal immigrants here? Our schools will take a hit initially, as all of the illegal ids get packed up and moved out. But soon thereafter, it will be so much better. Less overcrowded schols. Kids that are learning at a more advanced level. Kids who are taught English, imagine that, and they don't have to habla. Sure, I might not be able to stop by Home Depot's parking lot and pick up a couple of slaves errr low wage workers to help with projects around the house. And somebody new is going to have to learn how to make me a burrito. That's about the only downside. And I can live with that.

Comment by lindav92683: Maria--Why don't you take up the challenge to become a citizen and learn how to use proper punctuation and readable sentence structure. I'm originally from the midwest and we got along just fine without any illegals. In fact, I never even saw a real Mexican or Hispanic until I was over 20 years old and I lived just outside of St. Paul (the capitol). Trust me, no one really NEEDS you or your kind. 

Comment by never ending fight for freedom: Mariatard: Go home, your race awaits you.


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