Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Owner: Arizona Boycott Causes Local Layoffs

Comment by ted whittlinger: Does Saffarans really think the whores/panderers care about him or his business? ALso, the union he has in his place is too small to take on the SEIU who is really behind the push for legalization of ILLEGALs! He said that his workers are union members like that means they are all legal--wise up--the unions want the ILLEGALS given amnesty because like the democrats they figure they will join them!
Comment by bg

: "Saffarans is the third generation owner of a family business founded in 1927. He employs about 200 people, mostly Hispanic, "U.S. citizens and legal immgrants; we're a union company, and my guys are union workers," He emphasizes." Translation: He hires illegal aliens.

Comment by Patriot: Well folks this is what happens when knee jerk politicians, ignorant protesters, and boycotting morons get involved in another state's politics. These knee jerk morons, who themselves are mostly hispanics, have just screwed other hispanics out of jobs and our state's tax revenues. Way to go California. I'll just sit back and watch the show and laugh.

Comment by OC92837: My employer is seriously looking at moving to Northern Arizona He has had it with the gang and juvenile crime problems that the lazy city of Fullerton refuses to do anything about If he goes i will go also Better his and my tax base go to a sate that is trying to do something about the slime invasion! I will take a loss on my house but it will be worth it getting out of this infested slime hole! Especially if all the slime in Arizona moves to the open arms of Mexifornia and Fullerton

Comment by Concerned Citizen: wow. racist much? Yes alot of illegals are crossing the border and yes they're very presence here equates to to certain negative results for us but...The "gang and juvenile crime" problem in lower income communities have been around alot longer than the immigration issue. Let me guess--you must be old, white & scared? Illegal or not, the hispanic community now outnumbers you 8 to 1. And those numbers apply to California as well as Arizona. Terms like "slime invasion" and "mexifornia" only identify your ignorance.


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