Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Is it Time to Allow Gay Marriage?

Editor's Note: A special shout-out to the person who posted that the one good thing about Muslims is that they kill gay people--sorry I couldn't copy your comment before it was deleted!

Comment by REGENT: I think that I understand why God finds homosexual behavior so abhorent. There are few things more inherently twisted and disgusting than having to watch two men kiss each other. This crap was on network TV. I immediately changed the channel, but that macabre imagery stayed in my mind. We simply must not, we can not, legalize such grotesque perversion.


: Gays don't listen. How much money was spent on aids research. Well they found out why aids spreads and guess what, they still continued their behavior and the problem got worse. Homosexuality is a choice. You choose who to live with, associate with blah blah. just because you like to decorate doesn't make it necessary to "marry"....Ain't no heaven for you when you die. The bible says, no man shall lay down next to another...duh....

Comment by SETAPART: After reading dozens of posts here, nothing has changed....Where do we draw the line? Hmmm? Some may want to marry their pet. Some may want several spouses? Some want to marry children. For me, the Almighty God has drawn the line for us.

Comment by JOYFULHAPPY: the origin of aids comes from two men engaging in sexual activity and from there it spread to the rest of the population, now anyone can get aids.

Comment by ATHIESTGRINGO: That's completely untrue, joyful. HIV originated in non-human primates in sub-Saharan Africa. Learn about the topic then post comments.

Comment by REGENT: It is documented that AIDS started when a homosexual man had sex with an Orangutang in Africa. It then spread amongst the homosexual population.


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