Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by LWCOOL: Our immigration LAWS MUST BE enforced NOW. Mexalifornia is here BIG TIME.

Comment by STASKEL: Once again, I volunteer to the Editorial staff of the OC Register...can I PLEASE be put on staff (without pay as your white American correspondent? Since you have [Yvette] Cabrera disguised as a "columnist", when in fact she is an ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ACTIVIST...

Comment by HDUNCAN: thanks to yvette, we know there are some tolerant and decent folks in costa mesa. the mexican community is here to stay, and that's fine with me. make it work, give some support, get it legal, but stop misrepresenting the issue. last time i looked, the were plenty of white folks who looked mighty sketchy living in costa mesa. i would rather hire a grown man who is feeding his family than a tattoed rube who wants to buy beer.

Comment by ERININCM: Cabrera you're absolutely right about the East-West divide in Costa Mesa. The East with the rich white and the West with the working class. Now, if we can just get the illegals to back where they come from we can unite the two sides and live in peace without the Mexican gangs.


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