Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Orange Backs Arizona's immigration stance

Comment by okkosrobot: its time for a wall building party

Comment by frogca: The racist City Council in Santa Ana have an agenda to ruin all of Orange County through birth rates alone...It might too late for Garden Grove, it has already tuned into little Mexico in a lot of parts of the city.

Comment by malkounis: WAY TO GO ORANGE. Don't let the bigoted Mexicans of your city dictate how you think. The Mexicans complain and complain, but they are the biggest abusers of the system. They are too lazy to learn our language and too indignant to respect the laws of this country...This state is on the brink of being turned into a third world country...

Comment by chenyang: Viva Arizona!!!! I was born in Orange so this brings great joy to my heart to see them supporting the profile of illegal Mexicans....Once again----Illegals GO BACK. GET OUT!!!! We have had it with you and if you throw rocks at me while trying to break in my country, I will shot to kill also. 

Comment by frogca: You people who have doubts about what other cities are doing in regards to supporting Arizona, I got a homework assignment for you. Drive down Bristol and McFadden Ave in Santa Ana after 4 p.m. and tell me if it looks like America. Shopping carts are scattered every where, the street is ripped apart, the sidewalks are a mess, and you might even see a rooster or two walking down the street....Remember when Anaheim and Garden Grove used to be great cities, not anymore. These cities fell victim to the diversity and multiculturalism government trick which is designed to flood the country with third world cheap labor.


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