Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: 6 Arrested after Melee at Santa Ana Party

Comment by SEROTEPODRIDO: 1 year old baby and pregnant in santa ana? call guiness book of world records. i guess we can update that being called "irish twins" to now adays mexican twins.

Comment by EVILTWIN: It's not a party until somebody bleeds or is arrested in Santa Ana. Ole!

Comment by GOHOMENOW

: Typical Latin culture. I wish they would just assimilate.

Comment by DAN18NY: Here we go again with Latin culture this and Latin culture that. You guys must have the best smelling farts around huh? TO judge an entire ethnicity or race based on a city overrun by criminals is ignorance at its worse.

Comment by SEROTEPODRIDO: latins? I thought they were mexkins.

Comment by VASQUEZ1: Mexicans need to understand that their neighbors do not want to be part of their party. I have a Mexican neighbor (speaks broken English) who always entertain on his front porch of his condo and the surround common grounds of the complex. The kids always sit on the stairs that leave to my condo. The kids always liter. Recently, the kids broke a tree branch and uprooted a plant while the adults were present watching their kids disrespect the property of others. I finally reported them to the HOA. I will continue to report them until they learn to respect their neighbors and the property of the HOA.

Comment by NOUCANT: Some savages just can't live around others.......

Editor's Note: Check back tomorrow morning for part two of this particular fustercluck. We ain't half-done yet. Yee-haw.


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