Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Man Shot in Santa Ana Drive-By Shooting

Comment by VORTEXALLEY: This is news? More like a daily occurence. No need to tell us the race.

Comment by FREDCONTO: What a surprise. What a wonderful place Santa Ana is with outstanding people with high morals and values. I hope my children grow up to be just like homie and chewie are.

Comment by MOSTHAT3D: Yerp that their guuuuun control is workern well is dis state.

Comment by JOLAND7: Whaaat? A shooting in Santa Ana? That never happens. C'mon, Santa Ana is a crap hole. Anyone living in it must know what they're getting themselves into.

Comment by BESTOCMOM: Can anyone explain why you would ever go to Santa Ana unless it is to go to a gov't building? Does the city even have a purpose besides sanctuary to illegals and gangs?

Comment by AINTLIFEGRAND: Seems like only yesterday people were telling us how nice Santa Ana is and the only people making the area miserabloe were racists and bigots.

Comment by 30YEARSINOC: The only racists and bigots in SA are the Mexicans. Mexicans hate Mexicans. Why else would they keep on stabbing and shoting eachother.


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