Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by budjeter: The illegals have raped our communities, turned our cities into Southern Tijuana. It's time to go home now! I will pitch in for the ride home.

Comment by fcprop: Our country shot itself in the foot year's ago by letting the illegal immigration problem get out of hand. In my line of work (banking) I am starting to see more and more anchor babies taking jobs that other's can do. Not all children of illegal immigrants are going to work fast food, pick fruit, or clean toilets. Some will rise above and take your college educated job's.

Comment by sdlad: I do not mind being called a racist or a Mexican-hater. Anyone who thinks we can give amnesty to 12 million low-education and low-income people and allow them to bring their extended families of 20 to 30 million poor people is not going to destroy states like California is just not using their brain. It is all well and good when one uses heart and emotions to analyze a problem and does not want to consider socio-economic consequences of their argument.

Comment by aredjudd: The Register is playing divide and conquer with their little polls and this article. Who cares what bigots think. I've lived in Orange County all my life 44 years and its always been a diverse place to live and some of us like it that way.

Comment by mark8787: Like i said all these Legal and Illeagal immigrants who are Racist, predudice, bigots, no respect..should be shipped back or deported. It doesnt make our country better. ASIANS have a huge illegal population but thier not looked at yet, and i mean YET!. Everyones focused on mexicans but its not just them. We need to clean up the trash that creeps into our country.

Comment by taukujira: This poll is more proof of Orange County's backwards ignorance.

Editor's Note: Welcome back, taukujira. Folks may recall this commenter as the one who would write "This would never happen if we protected our borders" in response to any crime story printed by the Register. At first I figured he was just a typical loon, but now I realize the joke was on me--assuming taukujira's not being sarcastic here.


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