Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

: Police: Man Stabs County Worker

Comment by tandmmonte: Typical day in Santa Ana O.M.G. this guy doest look Hispanic no gun no knife red hair but was carring a screw driver wow I feel much safer now knowing they got this lost soul off our streets maybe he was looking for social services for him and his family but was told your not illegal you own a car home you look healthy your born in the U.S.A.  what's the matter with you find a job sell your house your car. What is wrong with this picture.

Comment by getalifeyou

: County building evacuated? Just another excuse for county workers not to work. Glad that the victim is okay though.

Comment by citizensoldier: Are all these police agencies running out of things to do? Sending a SWAT team and the Bomb Squad to arrest a guy that used a screwdriver on a gu? Well I guess you can't take any chances with those gringos!

Comment by dpreacher: Never trust anybody who would in anger, not defense, stab someone. This is a vicious act, murderous at heart. Stabbers have forfeited their 'humanity card.'--Stabba Ana.


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