Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

: Report: Minorities Worst Hit By Foreclosures

Comment by never ending fight for freedom: Its time for the obamination administration to step in & give ALL minorities free homes. They should throw all whites out of their homes & have the minorities move in. All belonging, cars, clothes...should be left in the homes for the minorities. The whites should be put on the streets to teach them a lesson. Any whites who resist should be forceably removed....
Govt. assistance checks equaling the amount earned by the whites should be given to all minority residents. whites should be made to work the fields & clean the toilets of the minorities. There, that should teach all the white trash a lesson & put them in their places, level the playing field, so to speak.

Comment by Obozo the Prez: There's one little problem with your plan, the whites own all the guns. :)

Comment by Windfall: How about an article concerning FBI crime statistics? Latinos are five times more likely and black are nine times more likely to commit a violent crime than whites. No, you won't see that anywhere in any newspaper because it doesn't fit the black and Hispanic good, whitey bad narrative. All newspapers should go out of business...and they are.


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