Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by HBREALIST: HOORAY FOR CALIFORNIA!!! in less than a decade, there will be more illegals living in california than actual US citizens. good luck with that.

Comment by JJP009: I'm starting to think that illegals come here and immediately begin committing crimes because life in an American prison is better than living free in Mexico.
Comment by SANGELL3

: That poor girl...We seem to be be getting the worst of Mexico's creeps these days. I just wonder if the local police down there aren't 'deporting' these perverts to the US 'unofficially' as in get out of town by sundown or we'll kill you. I hope the Mexican gangs in our prisons know what to do with these guys and redeem some measure of their national dignity by neutering them.

Comment by BODGIE: He should be deported and if he is ever caught on American soil again, he should then be executed for treason.

Comment by ANTAREZ: That's all right Obama will try to give Him and millions like him citizenship soon. Is it any wonder why gun sales are at an all time high.

Editor's Note: As with nearly all Register crime stories accompanied by a mugshot of a Latino suspect, the actual article makes no mention of the alleged perp's citizenship status. But don't try to tell that to all those keyboard-tapping Woody Woodpeckers out there who make up the bulk of this column.*

*Another Editor's Note: OOPS NEVER MIND! Sorry about that, Woodpeckers. (See comments below). You're right, this dude is a bonafide illegal alien scumbag, not just a regular, run of the mill American scumbag who everyone assumes is illegal simply because he's Latino. I stand corrected; that never happens, I'm sure.


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