Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by iloveoc: I want to know what percentage of violent bank robbers are African American? That is a pretty dark hand sticking out there.

Comment by pushthebutton: Hey where da be bling at?

Comment by mrstephen: Questions...1) Hey Man, where da bus stop? 2) You got money? 3) Hey baby, you like men like me? 4) You see da movie about bank robbers?....blah blah blah....Like Johnny Depp's character said, "They gotta watch all the banks all the time! I just gotta hit one."

Comment by pushthebutton: Step and Fetch it

Comment by surfcityred: THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN RACIAL PROFILING. Just because they appear to be black, does not mean they are. How dare the Register post photos of "suspects"....oops, I mean "people of interest." Oh, the humanity! When will this persecution of people of color stop? 

If people had the right to carry concealed weapons in this commie state, clowns like the ones pictured would be room temperature by now. Instead we must all cower in fear. How stupid is that?

Comment by fourthgeneration: Those commenting about the robbers been african american. Open your freaking eyes before opening your pie holes. The photos show two guys covered from head to toes. They are wearing masks and gloves (as in no finger prints) for crying out loud!!! They are also wearing bulky and oversized clothing to make it difficult to gauge weight and height. How can anyone tell the race of the perps? Easy if you are a racist and a moron.

Editor's Note: Of all the comments above, only the last one shows any sense of intelligence; the rest are either typical knee-jerk shoot-em-all-and-let-god-sort-them-out cowboy bullshit (surfcityred) or flat-out racist. Most of the latter category of bile has been deleted from the comments section, but not all--"Hey where da bling be at" is still there, for example--leaving one to wonder exactly where the Register draws the line between racial stereotyping and the garden variety stupidity demonstrated by most readers.


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