Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

: Gay Pride Festival Back in O.C.

Comment by SURFCITYRED: Gay Pride? What are you proud of? Having sex with a person of the same gender? Cross dressing? I don't get it. I don't really see anything in the "gay experience" to be "proud" about. However, do your thing. Enjoy your gayness but most of us really don't want it shoved in our faces. Nor do we want it on display for our children.


: Don't parade this kind of thing in public. It's out right immoral. What kind of message are we giving our kids to allow this. What pride can a person have in being gay? You measure a countries well being by its morality. You measure a politicians integrity by his/her morality. Don't tell me tht it doesn't matter how a politicians behaves when no one is watching. As morality goes, so does a nation....As a man thinks, so is he/she...Those politicians that support gay movements need to be impeached right away.

Comment by SIMPLYSPOKEN: Many people are victims to the power of satan and his demons...The power of demons usually takes over a person who has indulged themselves in pornography and/or the use of drugs and alcohol...Since these demonic spirits are not seen with the physical eye, you are only able to see the effects of their powers...The gay people say they that they are in control of themselves, when actually they are under a curse, imprisoned....If these people are in control of themselves, then why are they UNABLE to do what is right?...It saddens me to hear that filthy diapers were thrown at anybody...

Comment by VASQUEZ1: It doesn't surprise me that protestors in the OC would flung diapers full of feces at participants. Those right wing nuts are full of hate.

Comment by OCGURLZ: I am so sick of reading about the Gay Parade, Gay Rights, Gay Movement...if I don't agree, "tolerate," or support the gay movement than I am told that I am being hateful and prejudice...give me a break...

Comment by FAIRYFRUIT: Frank, you look like the kind of guy that would have a ball at that party. Tell me Frank, if someone dresses up as a dog or a cat does that make them a dog or a cat? If someone thinks they are a horse should a judge declare them legaly a horse? No, the judge would probably send them for a stint in the nut house. What's the difference?


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