Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day
Headline: Will Athletes Help the Push for Immigration Reform?

Comment by eviltwin: When they play mariachi music over the pa at Angel Stadium it makes me want to PUKE! I will not go there again until moreno sells the team & leaves town for good.

Comment by toppz462: if you go to a Dodgers game its hispanic too...the type of hispanics you don't want to meet....well we should nt have allowed them out of Mexico and we did. We need to learn from this and erect at 60ft electrified fence around the perimiter of Santa Ana. lol

comment by grandma102: ....have you noticed that Hispanics take the ENTIRE FAMILY? Kids just play and go to the snack bar. How can they afford it? I can't. But If they can afford tickets, get a babysitter instead. Your kids are not all that cute.

comment by toppz462: for the record I am not racist against any race color or creed...though I have to be honest and say I do struggle to keep an open mind on Muslims. But who deosnt right? 

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