Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: 3 Stabbed in Late Night Brawl

Comment by BARRYBADRINATH69: What's going on here? This wasn't in Santa Ana?

Comment by SOUNDOFF5: What a shock to open a story with the word "stab" in the headline and not see a dateline of Santa Ana.

Comment by CODE3LB: 3 stabbed and its not in Stabba-Ana? Oh no, head for z'hills
Comment by DEADDOG: Another enclave of illegal aliens.

Comment by ASHTONSMOM2009: All gangs are pretty much illegals and werent raised right!! thats why immagration needs to do its job and them the hell out of country!! they are ruining everything! we cant even have nice things to look at because they have to tag their stupid names on everything! they are not educated and they do nothing for the community! if you cant send them back to mexico then send them to Iraq or afghanistan and lets see what big men and woman they really are!

Comment by ONRAGE: Uh no. Most people in gangs in the US are legal US-citizens.

Comment by OCNATIVE21: Send the entire family to Mexico. Tired of all the mexican trash in OC

Comment by TIREDOFBULLSHIT: Do you want to know what is REALLY sad?? It's how a bunch of "no body's" have nothing better to do than post racist comments..I can bet that each and every one of you are white...So just because they are Mexican, that gives you all the right to ASSUME that they are illegal or low0lifes that don't have ins.? Well, you are all wrong...I am related to one of the victims who DOES have INS and was born here...so shut up!


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