Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

lagtat wrote: that is one disgusting bean er.

221614 wrote:

As i've said before they have for the most part have a violent culture. They don't seem to have soul and no respect for anyone

pushthebutton wrote: What value has this wonderful culture brought to America?

kingkong5 wrote: It's a good thing the DA's last name isn't Sanchez, so now you don't have to worry about preferential treatment for la Raza. I think the 20 years is about right, the sad thing is that the taxpayers will probably foot the bill to raise her two kids now.

tustinmolly wrote: well, another outstanding citizen from cess-pool StabaAna. When will we ever get rid of these parasites --- NEEDED: large quanities of BUG SPRAY (lethal).


surf714 wrote: What culture and diversity. Santa Ana - End your Sanctuary City Status. Become a Rule of Law City, and rid your city of scum like this. We have no room for gangs, thieves, stabbers, shooters, robbers or Il-Legal Immigrants. Please tie this woman's tubes before releasing her from jail. We don't want her reproducing.

naptown wrote: Anchor baby?

sjcgirl wrote: No where in the article mentions anything about the legal status or whether this woman is mexican or not. Why the bashing against ALL Mexicans. The fact is there are SOME of you here that are RASCIST. And I agree, tie this girls tubes. Sew her up.


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