Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by SURFCITYRED: I think all applicants should go back to Mexico for safety training...Ooopss, I forgot. THere is no safety training there. There is also no workman's comp, welfare, free medical and yummy free gobment cheese. Enough already with the free handouts. By the left's standards, this is a racist article and the Hispanic workers are being racially profiled. Safety comes down to common sense. You can't fix stupid and once and a while the stupid people get hurt because they did something stupid.

Comment by OCFAN92648: Isn't this racism? Is it really just being Latino that requires worker safety or is it dangerous jobs thare are primarilly filled by Latino's? Or isit typically unscrupulous businesses that are greedy and hire underqualified/skilled workers to save money? Or language barriers that impede ability to learn safety rules? Could whites or asians be subjected to similar risks, but just in lower numbers? Why isn't the article specific to the dangerous jobs, industries and employers that put these individuals at work. That issue should be addresses regardless of race. I just don't understand why racial profiling is ok when it benefits a particular race, but it's racism if it could be perceived as being negative to a particular race.

Comment by SWABBIE: Hurting themselves? How about hurting an inoccent worker cause they are too stupid to follow basic safety measures? I have had to dodge boards, pipe and saw blades these idiots just throw off the roof of buildings. If you yell at them, you're a raisist. But the poor things dont habla inglish (right at that time). Let them work at restaurants, they have no business working with power tools. 

Comment by 1HOOFHEARTED: Sounds like Darwinism is alive and well. It is called thinning the herd.


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