Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Headline: Huntington Beach Fires Police Officer Accused of Rapes, Assaults

Comment by surf714: I admire the HBPD. They've kept our city safe for many years. HB used to rank either #1 or #2 in the nation as the safest city (over 100,000). Of course, then parts of it started to look like Tijuana, and they lost that high ranking. There are still some good areas of HB though.

Comment by timscavo: surf714, indeed!

Comment by saratoga: I would still rather live in HB than anywhere in the county west of the toll road or south of Diamond Bar. It's still a decent, clean and well policed city with good schools, excellent recreation and good opportunities for anyone willing to work hard. 

Comment by politicianssuck: saratoga, you left a couple words off the end of your post: "if you are obviously white."

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