Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by Dina: Do you think we can check their legal status, or will we be sued by La Raza?

Comment by Poker: Just by reading the header on a lot of article when it comes to crime or arresting. My first thought would be Mexicans...

Nothing about them seriously, I just believe it really make their own people look bad. Many news has been posted regarding crime commited in Santa Ana and Anaheim all turned out that they were all Mexicans. Survey has indicated between 2016 thru 2020 there will be %50 percent more Mexicans in U.S. then all Asians combine.

Comment by Molly: Amen. Well, well this does not surprise me at all didn't even have to look at the photos already knew. DEPORT THEM

Comment by AllAmerican: It just happened that they were Mexican, look at child molesters they are all White. What is our government going to do send him back to Europe or where ever he is from? Race or Ethnicity has nothing to do with crime, scum bags are scum bags. Look at all the criminal CEO's they are all White and this country is now suffering from the CEO's that corrupted Wall Street and the Bank System. Look at Bush, he's White.


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