Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

: Spike in Gang Violence May Foreshadow a Long Hot Summer

Comment by STOPCRIME: Raid kills COCKROACHES...it's time to fumigate our country.

Comment by SWABBIE: Santa ANa, 80% latino the worst crime rate, gang problem and a huge eye sore...I grew up there, in the 60's and 70's everyone could see it coming then. Yessir look at all the contributions latinos bring to the U.S. And these latino groups can't wait till the southwest is just like Mexico, a crime ridden dump. BACK ARIZONA'S LAW....Santa Ana is a perfect example of what illegal immigration can do to a city. Twenty plus years ago Santa Ana was half deent. Now it is a third world slum. Roosters and wild stock roam residential streets, illegal vendors pushing wooden carts everywhere, women pushing baby strollers with six kids a piece in tow, the streets are a disaster, kids roaming the streets unsupervised, ice cream trucks backed up five deep on one street, roach coaches on every street, the mexican flag flown on roof tops, etc...I could go on forever.

Comment by CLEGACY: "All three boys survived" THE OCR SAID...I say "TOO BAD!"

Comment by PATRIOT37: Maybe Linda Sanchez can calm her hoods, If not, time for Santa Ana PD to lock & load

Comment by TAKEITNOMORE: I just don't understand why ALL of the known gang members are just not rounded up, locked up and forgotten. Throw in a prison in the middle of the freakin' desert and leave them to fend for themselves behind the walls. Then deport the survivors. Oh I forget the Anti Constitution Lairs Union (ACLU) might be upset. Well lock them up to. Time to take our cities and streets back!

Comment by OHBEQUIET: I wouldn't mind people that post racially snide remarks that criticize every member of a certain ethnic group, if they had balls to go up to these peoples faces and say it. Instead they hide behind their keyboards and get tough. Not all of us white people enjoy your rants.


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