Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

: Job Posting: Unemployed Need Not Apply

Comment by BikeFixer: "HuffPo reports that the practice isn't illegal, but it could be if it has an impact on minority groups. Aparently, they are also easily found." SO it's only legal to discriminate against white people eh?!?!?!?!?

Comment by Skyfather: I agree, I am so sick of hearing about minority groups! Because I'm a straight white male, I can't discriminate against anyone, but they are free to do it against me. We already face discrimination in the work place here in California, a lot of these minoritys are starting to get into human resources within these companies, and guess what, they are only hiring their kind. It's getting to a point where your going to have to be a minority to even work, or have any rights. White people just don't have as many anymore. What a load of crap all this is! So much for being equal huh?

Editor's note: Yes Skyfather, that was quite a load of crap indeed. Based on your reasoning, you might be happy to know that white people are now a minority in California, so presumably you have nothing to worry about. 


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