Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Hey haters and hater-watchers! Sorry for the lapse in writing this column. I was off for a brief vacation to Colorado, where I engaged in my favorite Nordic winter sports while also admiring the whiteness of the terrain--and its inhabitants. Speaking of whiteness...

Comment by jhortley: Exactly!! Let's begin deporting ilegal Arab's [sic] also, I find it hard to believe the invasion that has devastated Pasadena and Glendale was due to "legal" immigration.*

Comment by romans58: In some areas white is a minority. Will they mark white if it means they will get more taxpayer money from the feds? It's all about the money, hey?

Comment by jhortley: Well...they aren't. 

Comment by pallmall: definately [sic] to [sic] hairy to be white.

Comment by tryingtobeme: well why dont [sic] they check, homeland terrorist.

*Hey jhortley, I think you're talking about Armenians here. The Glendale reference kind of gives you away. Go look it up. PS: assuming part of the reason you don't like Arabs is that you identify them as Muslims, even though many Arabs are in fact Christian, you might be relieved to know that these Arab-seeming Armenians you're talking about are not only not Arabs, they're Christians, too. In fact, they were among the world's earliest Christians, back when the northern Europeans you presumably associate with civilization were dragging rocks into circles and being chased by tree-branch wielding trolls. 


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