Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

thocpersonality wrote: Mexicans add nothing to this country other than prison cells.. Fine- You can crank out some tasty hot sauces, but the way you ransack [and extort] your own communities and neighborhoods should leave you all in shame. You spout Mexican pride but betray and rob your own people. Behind bars, or behind the wheel of a low rider. You Mexicans do nothing but create fear and havoc in your own communities. OR-RA-LEY.... Cesar Chavez would be ashamed of your criminal and gangster ways. Stick that in your Burrito and smoke it! Don't forget to add the squirt of lime..

sdbrit68 wrote:

This is just one example of the widespread disrespect that English speaking occupiers of Aztlan often exhibit towards the native Mexican population. This sort of obscene behavior is designed to keep Mexican-Americans subjugated and to perpetuate the occupation of Aztlan. 

Editor's note: We're equal opportunity today.


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