Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by the big9er: Gee I wonder why. We know who the biggest underachievers are.

Comment by Thomas09: Here's a plan....enforce existing immigration laws!

Comment by hbroid: I've had many teachers tell me hispanic parents do not didcipline [sic] their kids. When they get together at gatherigs, the parents go off and do their thing and leave the children alone. And its [sic] very evident when you go to stores or restraunts [sic]. They run around unsupervised yelling and screaming like a bunch of banshees. They expect society to take care of the children, while they continue to crap them out.

Comment by culichi1967: i just love the oc rag readership. where do i sign up? i already have my conferate [sic] flag on my truck. 

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