Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by mark8787: Wow.... figured it would be vietnamese. You see im [sic] telling you that there needs to be some investigating going on in the Asian community because everyone thinks mexicans are illegal... well Asian's [sic] have bigger secrets. 

Comment by rayj223: mark8787, Yu is not a Vietnamese last name, good try though. Yah I know you are thinking, "they are all the same" probably the same way you think that all Hispanics are Mexicans. :-)

Comment by mark8787: I'm telling you, if the immigration or police investigate the Asian community, they will be deporting a bunch of them back. They want to come to our country and be racist, prejudice [sic], racist culture, not open minded, we dont [sic] need that here. Asian's [sic] are simply under the radar and should get exposed.

Editor's Note: Despite mark8787's suspicions, there's nothing in the story that even comes close to suggesting Yu or his co-defendant, Quach (who unlike Yu does have a Vietnamese surname) are illegal immigrants. Click to the original story to see a bunch of nimrods nevertheless call for them to be deported, as well as Vietnam vet who jumps in to complain that "gang members" who fought in that war were cowards who used the "race card" to avoid combat.

Interesting stuff as always...Semper fi, fools!


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