Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Comment by puffy69: We still don't know if Obama is a citizen. The [sic] burned all this records to hide his trail, he could be from anywhere.

Comment by oceans22: puffy69, do you still believe in Big Foot & UFO landings in Rosell? Or maybe the "death panels" for letting universal healthcare pass? How gullible!

Comment by puffy69: Im [sic] thinking about opening up a baby carriage business, I live in south OC and if your [sic] a female illegal alien and you aint pushing a baby stroller your [sic] either sick and cant have babies or your [sic] gay. 

Editor's Note: Certain readers--hello, Marko and Jason--keep complaining that this column fails to distinguish between actual racism and something other than that, although they never quite claim what that thing is nor do they offer any defense of the comments being called racist. Instead, they simply whine that this column promotes racial hatred and is biased against whites. For the last time, here's my response to those complaints.

This column simply provides a peek at the daily dose of ignorance, stupidity, stereotyping and xenophobia that is displayed on the Register website, which promptly deletes any comments that contain racial slurs or other offensive language. It no more promotes racism than the Register does, but it does provide a venue for people to talk about race. So far, most of that discussion has been mired in denial, weak claims of "reverse-racism"and self-righteousness...


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