Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Racist OC Register Fustercluck of the Day

Editor's Note: The following comments only make sense (within the context of the Register's hate-filled readership) because the neighborhood is in Santa Ana. 

Comment by whattoodoo: You know what they say, "Don't drink the water in Mexico."

Comment by jonnyguitar: they ought to be happy, there neiborhood is more like mexico

Comment by indav92683: I was thinking that this story sounded like something out of a third world country and then I realized that most of the city IS a third world country. And of course the hands are held out asking for "help." Each home owner needs to be assessed whatever the cost of hooking up is....there is NO excuse for living like that.

Comment by gunnyscott: How much different is the water than it is in Mexico? My guess is for these people it's an improvement over what they had before they illegally crossed the border and setteled into Tijuana North (Santa Ana)

Comment by life2short: just a little bit racist huh gunny?

Comment by amnesiac727: Oh dear Register readers, you never fail with your racist comments. Even if it is about something so simple as drinking water you cant resist the urge to spew your hatred. Just because they live in Santa Ana...if this where Irvine you would be calling for the heads of city council members, but being Santa Ana, you only rag on them. What does the lower class matter right? as long as Irvine/Yorba Linda/Anaheim Hills have safe drinking water what does it matter.


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