Résumé Padding at the Register

The Orange County Register seemingly made history earlier this month when it announced that Marti Buscaglia would be its new publisher. Buscaglia would've been the first Latina publisher at a major daily and would've started July 9. We speak in the past tense because Buscaglia unexpectedly announced her resignation today. In a memo to Register staffers, current publisher and CEO of Freedom Communications (the Reg's parent company) N. Christan Anderson III announced that Buscaglia "has come forward to inform us that she misrepresented her educational qualifications on her résumé, and agrees that it damages her credibility with Freedom and by extension with the readers of the Register."

It's not known what lie ("misrepresented," my ass) Buscaglia told Anderson. Her résumé claims she graduated with a B.A. in advertising and communications from the University of Lima in Peru. Did she finish her studies? Was the university in fact Lima Technical College in Lima, Ohio? Stay tuned . . .


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