Victorville. Not pictured: meth.
Victorville. Not pictured: meth.
bredgur / Flickr / Creative Commons

Quote of the Day: San Juan Capistrano Is Not A Hellhole

"I mean, I don't want to compare us to Victorville. Please... please... PLEEEEASE."

-- San Juan Capistrano City Councilman Tom Hribar from behind the dais at last night's city council meeting, apologizing after wondering aloud whether his south-county town should try to balance its budget using the same tactics as Victorville, California. Victorville is one of the places you that leaves you feeling very sad while in the middle of your drive to Las Vegas.

According to a report delivered at the meeting, San Juan Capistrano's revenues and expenditures in the first half of the fiscal year has left an unexpected $1 million hole in the city's budget. Hribar and his fellow council members said they didn't want to fill that gap with city reserve money, instead asking city staff to find savings in addition to the $700,000 in cuts already proposed.

Turning the city into a sun-parched rest stop, though, is apparently off the table.


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