Quote of the Day in the Mike Carona Corruption Trial

"I'm sure it's memorable."

--Sassy defense lawyer Jeffrey Rawitz on a Newport Beach cop's recollections today about Orange County Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo wearing a "Hawaiian shirt" over his uniform while trying to block a 2002 police investigation into the videotaped gang rape of an unconscious minor during a high school party at the home of Don Haidl, another of Mike Carona's assistant sheriff's. Carona, who is close to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is on trial for a series of seedy public corruption charges following an FBI investigation that nabbed the county's onetime top cop attempting to cover-up cash bribes he received from Haidl, a wealthy businessman who became an assistant sheriff after helping Carona steal the 1998 election. Carona resigned in January, but unlike Jaramillo, refuses to admit he abused his public office.

(R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly)


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