Quien es Más Minuteman?

You'll be hard-pressed to ever find two sides in a lawsuit less sympathetic than the parties who are scheduled to show up in Orange County Superior Court on May 27. On one side will stand Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist, who was fired last year from the organization he founded for accusations of fraud, embezzlement and other such financial shenanigans; supporting him will be Tim "I Want to Kill Muslims When I Grow Up" Bueler. Suing him on the above charges are current Minuteman Project board members Deborah Courtney and Marvin Stewart; their supporters include Brook "Fabulous Soul Patch" Young and California Coalition for Immigration Reform leader Barbara Coe. The charges, counter-charges, and counter-counter-charges are wild, outlandish, so schaudenfreude--read Gilchrist's account and Young's take, and don't forget to wear some tin foil!

Gilchrist must be worried about his coming court date, because he filed a defamation lawsuit against Young, Courtney, Stewart, Coe and other Know Nothings earlier this week in Orange County Superior Court. The retired Aliso Viejo CPA alleges Young defamed him by posting a picture on his ImmigrationWatchdog.com website with the words "Fraud," claims each of the defendants posted his home address and driver's license picture on web sites, and that these and other dirty tricks "constitute oppression."

Both sides of this lawsuit have tried to get me to write about the other by feeding me info on their enemies (lawsuits make strange bedfellows, eh?), but I never bothered with the tips--partly because I was too busy with Catholic Church stuff but mostly because I relish seeing the two turn the once-vaunted Minuteman Project into an effort as bicker-filled as MEChA. However, let me take off my Aztlanista glasses for a second and (gasp!) agree with Young: Gilchrist's lawsuit seems strangely timed (you two funboys have been at it for a good half-year, so why file now, Jim?) and probably even juts into SLAPP territory. Regardless, make sure to take some tacos whenever these two end up in court and enjoy the fiesta!

For a preview of what's to come, check out this recent confrontation between Gilchrist and his antagonists:


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