Put Up That Wall, Mr. Bush!

There are people on the Right who still believe George W. Bush is the greatest thing since sliced Reagan. (People on the Left do, too, but in a totally different way.) So leave it to those qwaaaazy Minutemen Projectors to compare the Dubs to Reagan's archest enemy-turned-steam-room buddy: Mikhail Gorbachev, only in reverse. See if you can follow this Cracked Seiko's twisted logic ('cause damn if we can): Gipper famously told Gorby to "tear down this wall," the divider in this instance being the Berlin Wall. (Ask your history teacher what that is, high school juniors--unless you're at a public school, in which case your teacher may very well not know where Berlin is. In that case, call 202-785-0266 and ask for Grover Norquist.) Minuteman Grand Dragon Chris Simcox has issued his own defiant pitch to Mr. I'm-a-Uniter- Not-a-Divider: either deploy military to the Arizona border by May 25, or Simcox border oglers will break ground on a security fence. Their patience has run out (them being Minutemen and all) as the Prez, Congress and the Mexican government squabble over a proposal to erect 700 miles of fence along the Cali, Zoner and Texas border with Mexico. Ironically, Simcox's ultimatum was issued while Bush was wining and dining Chinese President Hu Jintao, who need only look back to the years 604-617, during Swinging Emperor Yang's reign, to see how well reconstruction of the Great Wall went: it cost nearly 6 million lives (imagine how many more there would have been with Mexican drug smugglers intervening) and helped bankupt China. Ain't history a bitch!


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