"Puppy Store-Free Orange County" Campaign Expands to Brea

Activists from Best Friends, Orange County People for Animals and Last Chance for Animals have stood outside pet stores in Los Angeles, Thousands Oaks and Mission Viejo "educating: shoppers and convincing them to adopt and not buy puppies. Now, the so-called "Puppy Store-Free Orange County" campaign is moving into Brea as well.

An OCPA email blast says the Barkworks store in Brea Mall can now expect activists outside. Best Friends already has a regular presence at the Barkworks at the Westside Pavilion in LA and at The Shops of Mission Viejo, while Last Chance for Animals holds demonstrations at the Thousand Oaks Barkworks.

"Best Friends, OCPA and others have been holding educational demonstrations at the Barkworks Store at The Shops of Mission Viejo Mall for only six weeks and have already had a significant impact!" states the email. "This means that we are educating the public and they are choosing not to shop, but to adopt."

OCPA also makes a pitch for volunteers to help in the Brea effort, which is broken up into different Saturday shifts sometime between noon and 5 p.m. Email Barb here if you're interested.


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