Public Service for Fun and Profit (Gary Miller edition)

Is it any wonder that Congressman Gary Miller (R-Diamond Bar) coasts to easy wins every election? His district, the 42nd (which covers eastern OC and doglegs down over Mission Viejo), is one of the state's most reliably Republican districts, and Gary Miller doesn't just embrace those beliefs Republicans hold dear, he puts his beliefs into action.

Republicans believe in low taxes, and Gary Miller will meet any challenge, bear any burden, to keep taxes low-- for Gary Miller. This morning's Los Angeles Times details how Miller has avoided paying millions of dollars in taxes by using what charitable souls might describe as "questionable means". Less charitable souls reading the Times account might wonder why Miller isn't busy stammering out excuses in front of a team of IRS investigators. Still less charitable souls might wonder why the congressman isn't busy arguing with ex-Congressman/current jailbird Duke Cunningham over who gets the top bunk.

Miller also embraces that other sacred tenant of Republicans, smaller government. And, as the Times reports, Miller is doing what he can to keep government small by only occasionally showing up for work.

"Gary wants to leave early to get back home on the weekends, and he doesn't want to come back early on Mondays for votes, because he's focused on his [personal] business, and he'd rather be at home," one former aide said.

According to the Washington Post's database of congressional votes, Miller missed 65 votes during this session, putting him in the top quarter for the most votes missed in the House.

But there's more to Gary Miller than just not paying taxes and not showing up for work, he's also dedicated to constituent service. Of course, it probably won't surprise you to learn that constituent Gary Miller is most dedicated to serving is Gary Miller, as the Times documents at length in a second story.


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