Provisional, Proschmivisional

Bitching and moaning about having to cast a provisional ballot is one thing. Ladera Ranch resident Marcy Allen just ringy-dingy'd the Weekly to complain that she could not vote AT ALL! Like a good little citizen, Allen arrived at her polling place right when it opened so, like a good little employee, she could vote and still make it to work on time. But while the poll workers were pleasant and kind, Allen reports that they had no ballots. They called somebody, who called somebody, who called somebody . . . but the matter was never resolved while Allen waited patiently to exercise her constitutional right to vote. She had to leave unsatisfied (which is how we left, too--and we voted!). With visions of the fraudulent 2000 presidential election and reports of the '04 version being stolen by the GOP as well dancing in her head, Allen immediately suspected voter fraud being at the root of her being denied her right to vote. Then again, she also mentioned she's a member of in Orange County is the same as being on a Dept. of Homeland Security watch list.

Stay tuned ...


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