Proudly Anti-Illegals ... in San Juan Capistrano?

Proudly Anti-Illegals ... in San Juan Capistrano?

SJC Americans, a San Juan Capistrano activist group opposed to illegal immigration, is rallying Saturday to rah-rah Arizona's controversial new immigration law.

"We have to stop being a Sanctuary to those who are not supposed to be here. Those who are undocumented. Those who are unauthorized. Those who are illegally in this country," reads the three-year-old group's website.

The Orange County Register has the scoop on Saturday's rally, which is scheduled from 10 a.m. to noon at Camino Capistrano and Del Obispo Street.

You read that right: Camino Capistrano y Del Obispo.

That, of course, is in San Juan Capistrano, the town that arose around the famous mission named after Franciscan saint Giovanni da Capistrano.

Actually, it was first called La Misión de San Juan Capistrano de Sajavit.

According to the 2000 census, the city overrun with Spanish architecture--can you say, "Adobe"?--is 45.10 percent Hispanic or Latino.

It was the setting for Johnston McCulley's first Zorro novella, which was published in 1919 at The Curse of Capistrano but later renamed The Mark of Zorro after the success of the film with that name.

It was the first work to feature the fictional character Don Diego de la Vega/Zorro, who some believe was modeled after Joaquin Murrieta, "the Mexican and/or Chilean Robin Hood." Zorro's motto was "to avenge the helpless, to punish cruel politicians and to aid the oppressed."

Damn, could some helpless, oppressed, politically picked-upon folks use him now!

After taking part in their bid to drive out mostly Hispanic or Latino immigrants, perhaps SJC Americans (notice how they don't spell out the name) can mount an English-only campaign aimed at changing the name of the city, all its streets and all its Spanish/Mexican-themed attractions.

The city would go bankrupt just from replacing street signs alone!

Next SJC-A can go after the swallows that return to Capistrano each year. They are Argentinean illegals, after all.


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