Protest Outside Angels Stadium Before Tuesday's All-Star Game Seeks to Move Next Year's All-Star Game from Mexi-Hating Arizona

The sporting eyes of America will focus on Anaheim this Tuesday for the baseball All-Star Game--so what better time to schedule a protest against Arizona's retrograde, anti-Mexican, pro-Arpayaso policies than just before the game?

A Facebook page called "Move the 2011 All Star Game out of Arizona" gives info on the protest--at 3 p.m., just outside the gates of Angels Stadium of Anaheim on State College Boulevard. The local organizing group is part of the same movement following the Arizona Diamondbacks across the country because the team's owner donated mucho dinero to Republican politicians who supported SB 1070.

Next year's All-Star game is schedule for Phoenix, and Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig has already said he's not moving the game, SB1070 or not, despite the request of protesters and vows boy some baseball stars to boycott that game. A much-better summation of the issue is

here, by the great journalist Dave Zirin

. See you Tuesday!


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