Doesn't look like much now, but...
Doesn't look like much now, but...
Joel Robinson

Protest of Norbertine Invasion of Silverado Canyon TOMORROW!

The Norbertine fathers are making rapid progress on their new abbey along Silverado Canyon Road. For some canyon lovers, the end is nigh, but that won't stop others' efforts to halt the construction. A peaceful protest will be held at the new abbey development site Friday to make sure the fathers know that the community hasn't given up.

An angry resident coined it 'Vatican West,' with its blueprints of a prep school, athletic fields, guest cottages, dormitories, and what all holy men need: a gift shop. Residents fear new abbey will affect the experience of anyone who ventures down Silverado Canyon Road to hike or bike in the Santa Ana Mountains, along with bringing more traffic and light pollution.

Conservationists are concerned about more than a change in the canyon lifestyle, though. The abbey is being built on the historic Holtz Ranch property, a site for wildlife, the endangered arroyo toad, and Native American cultural significance. You can read the full scoop from our cover story.

Friday's protest is a chance for everyone, not just residents, to voice their opinions on the canyons' rural integrity. Protestors should meet at 8 a.m. at the Silverado Community Center on 27641 Silverado Canyon Road in Silverado. See you there!

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