Happily tossing everything but the kitchen sink at gay citizens
Happily tossing everything but the kitchen sink at gay citizens

Prop 8 Debate Devolves Into Gay Whac-A-Mole

Nothing drags out the vitriol like a discussion about homosexuality, and the ongoing debate over the constitutionality of anti-gay marriage Prop. 8 in California has driven sentiment to new lows.

We know that here at the Weekly, where we regularly receive comments from individuals brave in their anonymous outrages and willing to more than suggest that gay folks should be murdered if they serve in the U.S. military.

"The military is not the place for 'HomoSexuals,' one person wrote to us about Army Lt. Dan Choi, the accomplished, openly gay Orange County-native soldier who was recently discharged because of his sexual orientation even though he has rare Arabic skills. "Hand grenades often slip and go off in the wrong places. . . . A lot of weapon cleaning accidents occur."

(I'm not sure the military is a place we want morons and criminals either, but last I checked nobody's trying hard to prevent them from enlisting.)

A female commenter wrote that, "Gays can't marry because they can't reproduce. What is the point of marriage? In a word you guys will understand: DUH."

Duh, back to you, lady. I want to know what high school produced a person who thinks humans must be married to reproduce.

So with comments like those in mind, we looked in the blogosphere to see how others were handling the recent decision by an openly gay federal judge, Vaughn Walker, to declare unconstitutional the voter approved, anti-gay marriage initiative and found:​

Can ya hear me now?
Can ya hear me now?
​"Rise up and speak out and tell the damn sodomites to put it where the sun doesn't shine."

"These are evil people and their real enemy is God."

"Walker is a sworn enemy of the rule of law, the United States Constitution and the United States of America."

"Dirty white faggot judge will next repeal the age of consent so you filthy cracker faggot animals can fuck all the boy children you want. That faggot pink skin ape judge probably dresses like a village people reject under his robes."

"San Fag needs to become the premier fag city in America. All straights need to relocate to a more heteor-friendly [sic] state and city and let the fags backfill (pun intented) the city. Let's see how long it takes the city to implode into fag bitch slappings and bitch shootings just like Detroit and all the other cities run by liberal retards. Once it becomes a pink war zone all we have to do is sit back and enjoy the view."

"Show me in the constitution where it says fags can marry."

"Was there a question how this poofer judge would rule?"

"Time to stock up on the flame retardant underwear."

Adam & Weed: I like sucking on freshly fertilized perennials.
Adam & Weed: I like sucking on freshly fertilized perennials.
​"The America I grew up in, that brave patriots fought and died for, no longer exists. May as well call the boys home from Afghan and Iraq. There is nothing remaining here to defend."

"Dirty little faggot!"

"Liberals have turned what could be the richest state and the most productive state in the world into a bankrupt shit hole. Let the homos have it."

"I'm not afraid of these abnormal, deviant people. I am disgusted by them."

"Let them marry their dogs if they want. It would probably be better after the ones I have seen. They are UGLY and there is no wonder a straight person do not want [sic] to be in the same room with them."

"The homosexuals need to be told that they need mental help."

"This land is fag land."

"The fairies are welcomed to try and force us to approve of their diseased lifestyle and radically remake American society to their likening. That's what this queerly beloved movement is all about."

"Why not polygamy, bestiality or dropping of the legal age of consent to 12 . . .?"

"Faggot marriage is a joke . . . Matthew 15:24."

But gays have no keys to the kingdom!
But gays have no keys to the kingdom!

"We oppose all forms of liberalism, socialism, fascism, pacifism, totalitarianism, anarchism, government enforced atheism, abortionism, feminism, homosexualism, racism, wacko environmentalism, judicial activism etc."

"Fag judge in California loves fags. Surprise. Yesterday's ruling on Prop. 8 will only lead your nation into God's further vengeance too. You can count on that. Vaughn Walker is a fag. As a result no one should listen to anything he says, nor allow him to be around their children or loved ones. God has commanded Christians to hate fags!"

"The America we knew is dead. We are just the pallbearers carrying the casket to its final resting place."

"Thank God for California fires. Your same sex marriage fags are fueling God's righteous rage . . . and we're busy praying for more of that good stuff!"

"Homosexual bullies!"

"I'm in no way for turd stabbers getting married."

"Washington, Jefferson, et al knew that faggots are sick, disgusting deviants."

"You libs never turn down an opportunity to sling the word bigot and racism and other derogatory terms you can think of at conservatives. Marriage is between a man and a woman. It's that simple. They're making a statement, 'Hey, I suck sausages and pack peanut butter, but I'm the same as you, so there, you big brute!'"


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