Prop 8 Backer Blasts FCK H8 Video with Kids

Are same-sex marriage proponents engaging in child abuse?

Peter Sprigg, writing on the Family Research Council blog, thinks so--at least when it comes to the FCK H8 campaign's video on the next page.

As you'll notice in the video below, alongside gays, straights and grandmas are at least three children who each--like their adult co-stars--freely throw the word "fuck" around.

In his post, "I Swear--Homosexual Activists Do the D***edest Things," Sprigg pegs the age of the video's youngest potty mouths at "about six," "perhaps nine" and "perhaps 11."

He then asks, "Is this supposed to be funny?"

Don't worry: he answers for you.

"It's not. It's child abuse."

If Prop 8 opponents hope to win the hearts and minds of average folks, they are doing the cause a disservice with the video, Sprigg maintains.

"Are we to understand that this would be the brave new world under 'gay' parenting and same-sex 'marriage'--a world in which parents teach obscenities to their children, then put videos of them using those obscenities on the web to raise money?"

H8 to say it, but Sprigg has a point, although I don't agree it constitutes child abuse.

Whaddya think?


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