JetSuite prefers OC corporate base
JetSuite prefers OC corporate base

Private Jet Service Happy To Leave Long Beach For John Wayne Airport

Unhappy management of a successful private jet service left Long Beach Airport in 2011, relocated to Orange County and couldn't be more elated operating in "a pro-business community."

"We never got any respect from the [Long Beach] airport," said Alex Wilcox, JetSuite's Founder and CEO. "We never got any respect from the city."

That's part of the JetSuite story journalist Brian Sumers told in his interesting Aug. 25 Press-Telegram column, "JetSuite 'never got any respect' from Long Beach, now thrives in Irvine."

Wilcox told Sumers,"[Irvine's] a pro-business community . . . In Long Beach, they almost made us feel ashamed for serving rich people."

Sumers, who covers airports and airlines for his paper, reports that JetSuite has a fleet of 19 jets and prices start at $3,228 per flight hour on a four-passenger jet, but to get that rate a customer has to "commit to $400,000 in flights."

The company offers jet service throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Go HERE to read Sumers' article.

Go HERE to see the Internet homepage for the company that offers daily, last-minute flight deals for around $550.

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