Powerful Waves Batter the Wedge, Egos

A powerful storm in the southern hemisphere has produced huge waves slamming the Orange County coast. Nowhere is this more evident than the bodysurfing haven in Newport Beach known as The Wedge, where waves at least 12 feet tall were slamming today.

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Waves 15 feet and maybe higher were reported at the Wedge Tuesday night.

Surf's up--waaaay up!
Surf's up--waaaay up!
Photos by Keith May/OC Weekly

Fortunately, only broken boards and bruised egos have been reported at the Wedge.

Over in Huntington Beach, lifeguards pulled about 30 people from the water as of this afternoon. Breakers there have only topped the 6-foot mark, but many who flock to Surf City beaches are less experienced wave riders than those who dominate the Wedge.

A National Weather Service high surf advisory continues through 11 p.m.


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