Power of Trinity Medical Marijuana Collective Goes to Court to Open Dispensary in Irvine

A medical marijuana collective is seeking court intervention to be allowed to operate in Irvine.

According to documents filed in Orange County Superior Court, the Power of Trinity Inc. alleges the city improperly denied the collective's request for a business permit in November.

Sean Emery has the scoop in the Orange County Register.

Power of Trinity sought to open a medical marijuana dispensary in the 13400 block of Alton Parkway. It was to have primarily been a warehouse that would distribute cannabis to patients and wholesalers, with occasional in-person pick-ups of orders from patients who live nearby, Emery reports.

Irvine officials denied the request on grounds business licenses are not issued to any operation that is illegal under federal, state or local law.

Power of Trinity argues in its court filing that the denial conflicts with Prop. 215, California's Compassionate Use Act that was overwhelmingly approved by voters.

As Emery notes in his report, the cities of Lake Forest, Costa Mesa and Dana Point are also engaged in legal battles over moves to close medical marijuana shops.


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