Potential Unlikely Swine Flu Victims THIS Close to OC (Updated!)

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that recent two deaths in LA County are being investigated by the coroner as possibly resulting from swine flu. The location of the two suspected flu victims? Long Beach and La Mirada, two Orange County border towns.

With most of the previously reported Southern California swine flu cases happening to be in San Diego County, it's like this maybe-great plague/maybe Y2K-style hype bubble is closing in on Orange County. At this rate, we're thinking (but never hoping) the swine germs are slowly but surely making their way the figure at our county's moral center: Barbara Coe.

Update, 4:30 p.m.: The Times reported this afternoon that the LA coroner "doubts" the two men died of swine flu. More tests are being done, but preliminary ones came back non-piggish.


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