Pot Clinics Turn to Sacramento Lobbyist to Smooth Relations With Costa Mesa Officials

Medical marijuana clinic operators, who have not exactly received a welcome reception in Costa Mesa, have retained a Sacramento lobbyist in hopes of smoothing over their tense relationship.

Based on an introductory letter to Mayor Alan Mansoor and the City Council, California Capitol Solutions is not breaking the ice with the stick of Prop 215 enforcement but the carrot of a desperately needed new revenue source for police and other city services.

The letter from Max Del Real, the lobby firm's owner, follows:

Del Real represents cannabis clinics and other businesses in the medical marijuana industry statewide. His clients include the Green Door dispensary in San Francisco, Oaksterdam University in Oakland and the Sacramento Alliance of Collectives.

Here's his bio:

Max Del Real is a first-generation Mexican-American who earned his degree at UC Berkeley. A California native, Max is passionate about democracy and its engagement. As a former classroom teacher, Max inspired thousands of youths to excel in school and go to college. He is currently active in business associations, education groups, and volunteer organizations. Utilizing his strength in effective communication and coalition building, Max Del Real enjoys strong relationships with key legislators and their staff, and has immediate access to influential  stakeholders in the capitol community. His legislative interests include education, health, commerce, transportation, and the environment.

Max is an accomplished athlete and enjoys swimming, running, and cycling. Health and wellness are top priorities for Max Del Real. Recently, Max and Team OC Quattro completed The Race Across America, a 3,000-mile, world-class bicycle race.

Max Del Real lives in Chico, CA, with his wife and two kids, who attend public school.


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