Pope Benedict XVI to Give Papal Recognition to a Bunch of Orange Diocese Pedo-Apologists

Pope Benedict XVI to Give Papal Recognition to a Bunch of Orange Diocese Pedo-Apologists

Who says Diocese of Orange Bishop Tod D. Brown doesn't take care of his lackeys? Actually, no one: anyone with half a brain (me, me!) knows this. Anyways, Brown sent out a letter to his priests two days ago announcing that "our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI has honored papal recognition, to those listed below for their outstanding service to the Church." The list is long, so we're only going to post the worst of the worst. The ceremony for their official installation, according to the letter, is May 22, at an evening ceremony at the Mission Basilicia in San Juan Capistrano. See you there!

*Now assuming the highest level of the monsignor position, that of apostolic protonotary supernumerary, are Lawrence Baird and Michael Heher. Baird was the longtime pedo-spinner for the Orange diocese, while Heher is Brown's in-house spinner--a pedo-apologist's pedo-apologist, if you will.

*Getting the lowest level of the monsignor title, chaplain to His Holiness, will be Michael McKiernan--who didn't care much that a priest had kiddie porn on his computer--and Art Holquin, who's the current pastor of the Mission and once wrote a hilarious letter to the Orange County Register whining about how Newport Beach attorney John Manly (whom every pedo-apologist despises and anyone good admires for his skewering of Brown's regime over its role in the rapes of innocents) was a modern-day Joseph McCarthy. Which would make your boss Stalin, and you some gulag douche, right, Arty?

*One of the wearers of the Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice Cross, the highest pontifical medal a lay Catholic can receive, is none other than Peter Callous Callahan, the Tustin attorney that has cost the Orange diocese over $100 million in molestation settlements and who is a notorious jerk to sex-abuse victims.

Isn't it comforting to know that Brown, who has promised to reform his corrupt diocese so many times over the years, still doesn't get it? That's at least one constant in these trying times!


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